About Art Tango
Art Tango is independently owned and operated in Cocoa Beach, FL. 
Art Tango's goal is your happiness.  All party's come with a personal touch.  
Creator and founder of Art Tango. Originally from Columbia, Maryland, moving to the quaint little beach town of Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1996. 
My creative flair landed me a job in hairstyling initially, and while I enjoy the artistic hands~on aspect of the beauty industry, I've always had a passion for painting. 
 I received a AA degree in Computer Programming in 1998, with emphasis in Graphics and website design. I worked as an independent consultant for a period of time, then became a full-time stay at home mom of two children. 
I'm a self taught artist who started painting many years ago with Watercolors , then eventually Acrylics and later finding beauty in Oils.
To me, painting isn't all about the finished product as it is the embrace of the brush, paint, canvas and the decadence of time getting lost in the colors. I have learned to shush my 'inner critic' and appreciate how a painting comes to life. 
The spiritual escape is the secret joy of creating. If you spend a couple hours releasing the world around you, accepting the intent of what your hands have made, you can step back and appreciate your creation and the world around you in a more beautiful and satisfied way. 
 I have recently expanded my interest in the Arts with the use of recycled materials, such as bottles, magazines and textiles. As soon as the door is open with a desire to create, the possibilities are endless. 
 It is a privilege for me to wake up each day ready for the opportunity and reason to create for myself and sharing this experience with others.  
Cheer's to more Creating!
Your happiness is my reward
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